Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Oh, how I love halloween being on a Friday night. We kept it extremely simple this year and chose costumes that the girls already had. Olivia used her dress up Elsa dress and Lola wore a pirate costume we bought for Olivia years ago and ended up not using.

Olivia had her halloween party at school that day, and since I wasn't able to attend, Luis went. Her best friend Baylee ended up being Anna. Pretty sure they had that planned.

It was actually our cheapest halloween ever. Not only did we not spend money on costumes, we didn't spend money on candy either. We took the girls trick or treating at the mall. It was our first time. The girls enjoyed it, there was so threat of being hit by a car, and no awkward door bell ringing. Win for all.

After our mall fun, we dropped the girls off with Maria, who wanted to take them to a kids' halloween themed party. During this time, Luis and I ate Whataburger, took selfies in ugly masks, and passed out the mall candy the girls received to other trick or treaters. HAHA. The kids were pooped and passed out as soon as they got home. Which meant an evening of watching Dexter for Luis and me, ha. It was a good halloween!

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