Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cheer & Christmas on the Square

When Maria called and told me that Angleton was having a mini cheer camp for little girls and they would get to perform at the annual Christmas on the Square celebration, I know we had to do it! And of course Olivia was 100% on board.

I knew she would love it, but I didn't expect her to be SO into it. I think she may have found her thing. Which is so weird to me because I never had any interest in being a cheerleader whatsoever, but Olivia talks about it ALL the time. She's a natural performer.

Olivia spent the night with Maria the night before and they picked up her friend Chloe on the way. They had to be there at 8am and performed for the parents at 12:30. I could not wait to get there to see her!

Watching your child thrive is pretty much the greatest thing ever. I fought back tears the whole time. I can't wait for actual football season so I can put her in cheer for real!

The Christmas on the Square performance was just as good and she told everyone we saw that she got to be a cheerleader. We had hot cocoa and cookies and checked out all the decorated trees and left just as it started to get misty out. I remember performing at Christmas on the Square a few times as a kid and it just tickles me that Olivia gets to have the same memory. 

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