Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Day

Since we got all the house hopping done on Christmas Eve,
Christmas Day was way more relaxed. 
Olivia ran into our room at 8:30 
(I'm surprised she even slept that long)
and was SO excited to see that Santa really did stop.
She had told me before that she didn't think he 
would because she hadn't been listening. Ha.

I try very hard not to buy in excess for the kids. 
I'm not one to buy junk gifts just for the sake of more presents under the tree.
I stuck to my list and the girls loved everything. 

It was so fun to see the girls both get excited this year. 
Lola still doesn't really get it, but she knows that toys are exciting
and that definitely made it more exciting for us, too! 
And I just love their matching pajamas. I am that mom.
And I'm honestly kind of sad that this is the last year for Olivia to wear
from the toddler section and I can't make all three match next year. Ha.

After presents, the girls played and I got to cooking my contribution.
We had decided on an Italian theme this year
at the Leija Christmas and it was delicious.

Olivia and Lola stayed in pjs the entire day.
The weather was only slightly cool, so the kids played outside
on the trampoline most of the day. 
The grown ups pretty much just ate and watched movies.
It really was a very nice and enjoyable Christmas day. 

Forever grateful for this little family of mine.

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