Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Eve

Of the two days we celebrate Christmas, Christmas Eve was by far our busiest.
We slept in and then got ready and headed to my mom's.
My step dad and sister both ended up having to work at the last minute,
but we enjoyed our time with my mom and my grandma.
After her house, we headed to my dad's side.
I didn't get any pictures there, but the girls enjoyed all of their gifts. 

We then headed next door for Mexican food and cookie making for the kiddos.
Olivia was a pro cookie decorator and made at least 10.

We came home early-ish so that the girls could open their Christmas pajamas and bathe.
We made beignets for Santa, read Christmas stories,
and after an eternity of trying to get Livi to sleep
(she was so excited about Santa that she couldn't sleep, or so she said)
Santa finally made his visit.

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