Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Feliz Navidad!

Olivia had her annual Christmas program at school today. I'm pretty positive it's the exact same play every year, but the kids don't seem to remember that.

This year, being in the 4s class, Olivia got to be a wise man. She was a lot more shy than I expected her  to be, especially after being so pumped about her cheerleading performances.

After the program, we went to her classroom for their little Christmas party. Olivia enjoyed the food and Lola was just loving being at Livi's "cool." She played and played the entire time we were there, her favorite part being the toy kitchen. I'm so excited for her to attend next year.

And now it's officially winter break here! We don't have much planned other than some cookie baking and holiday movie watching. Oh, and sleeping in. ;)

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