Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I must admit, New Years is probably my very least favorite holiday.
It's always so cold, we stay out too late, and don't even get my started on fireworks.
My paranoid little mama heart can hardly take it.

Anyway, we still had fun. 
We celebrated with the Leijas, as always.
I made chili for us to snack on during the night and it lasted
all of 30 minutes.
Lola danced the night away
and Olivia kept me on the edge of my seat by playing with
sparkles and standing a little too close to the big fireworks.
Next year I vote for an indoor celebration.

^ Before we left the house. ^

^ Tried getting a pic of the little cousins 
but no one wanted to stay still enough. ^

^Picking out fireworks and running with sparklers.^

^Warming up inside.^