Friday, March 27, 2015

2 years

Our little Lola is 2 now. We celebrated on Wednesday with dinner with family. Lola took her role as birthday girl very seriously, holding her birthday balloon straight up in the air the whole time we sang to her.

Lola is so sweet. She's always quick to say "thank you," so much so that sometimes we don't even know what she's thanking us for. She likes to beat up Olivia, but is always there to hug her afterward. Ha.

She just recently started doing imaginative play with toys. She'll go for hours playing with her current favorite horse. 

She's a free spirit and I hope that never changes. 

Lola changed our family in such a good way. Since I was pretty young when I had Olivia, I feel like Lola was my second chance to be the mother I wanted to be. And my little trooper made it so easy to be that mother. 

I love everything about her- my little green eyed beauty. It's been an amazing two years with her.

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