Monday, April 27, 2015

About us. Right now.

What part of the world do you live in?
The Texas coast. Its's a big cultural mix here. There's the Spanish influence- a lot of Mexican restaurants, bright colored houses, Spanish being spoken. Then there are the country folk raising their cattle and listening to country music. There's also the coastal aspect. Many people own boats and fishing is a big deal. We're a chemical plant town. Most of the men and a lot of woman work out there.

How many children do you have and how would you describe them?
I have three children. Olivia (5), Lola (2), and Sebastian (8 weeks). 
Olivia feels everything deeply. Anger, hurt, excitement. It's all over the top. I guess she's like me in that way. Every emotion has to be felt and made known. She also loves organizing her things, which she does not get from me. Most of the day you can find her lining up or sorting her shopkins. She also loves arts and crafts, books, flowers, and all things fancy. 
Lola- my little free spirit. There's no telling that girl what to do. She has a mind of her own and isn't afraid to stand her ground. She gets embarrassed easily if she gets hurt or if anyone laughs at her. She loves horses, babies, and mermaids. 
Sebastian is still tiny, obviously. But he's such a sweet little baby. There's something in his eyes that tells me there's an old soul in there and I can't wait to see his personality start to shine through. 

What are your core family values?
Family first. Always. Kindness to others. We want to emphasize experiences and memories over material things.

How do you spend most of your days? At home, doing the typical mom things. Cleaning and cleaning some more, cooking, changing diapers, bathing kids, reading books, washing clothes, feeding the baby. These kids keep me pretty busy.

What is your favorite thing to do as a family? 
We love to be outside, but we're not exactly the camping/roughing it type. We like the beach and zoo. Cooking together and eating out together. Movie nights with popcorn. Just as long as we're together really.

What are you passionate about? Marriage. Motherhood. Breastfeeding and my pumping journey. Natural birth. Health but without jumping on any bandwagons. Friendship.

What inspires you? 
My children, of course. And other mothers, especially mothers of bigger families.

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