Monday, April 20, 2015

Scenes from the weekend:

What a good good weekend. The kind where you start Monday feeling totally refreshed and ready for the week.

Luis worked Saturday morning and it was rainy and yucky. So the kids and I lazied about the house and took our time getting ready. Then, when Luis got home, we headed to my mom's for a late lunch. Lola had been asking for Mimi and Pawpaw for well over a week, so she was pretty excited. 

After so much rain, Sunday was finally beautiful! We slept in, I made breakfast, and then we started packing up for an afternoon at the beach. It always makes my heart so happy watching the kids at the beach. THAT'S what childhood is about. Running free, using their imaginations, being in nature. Not just behind a screen. Olivia already got a pretty nice tan, too! And the other two didn't burn, so win-win. 

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