Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day

We stayed up a little too late Saturday night binge watching Orange is the New Black, so Sunday morning was slow to start and filled with toast and coffee. We packed up and went out to the beach with friends. It was definitely the highlight of the day. Luis grilled delicious burgers for us, the waves were big, and the water was nice. We came home, took showers, and I made Luis his requested brownies. For dinner we picked up our favorite local tacos which we ate next door. 

I've been thinking a lot about our quality of life lately. We don't have much, at least by most standards. We don't have a big fancy house or wear designer clothes. But we're happy. Very very happy. We do our best to give our kids good experiences. We try to emphasize memories over material things. We live a good life. And I'm so thankful for a husband that sees life the way I do. He's the best father the kids could have. I was lucky to have a dad that adored me. We did everything together when I was young. I have so many memories of playing catch in a field next to his apartment, beach trips, eating watermelon sprinkled with salt, and bike rides. My kids will have those kind of memories too and that means so much more to me than toys or huge birthday parties or whatever else we could waste money on. It's all about the memories. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

I always want to remember.

We have gone out and done something each day this week. It has felt nice and feels like I'm finally getting the hang of 3 children. The weather has been great- low 90s and blue skies. The kids have been waking up early, so our days start slow. Coffee for me, cartoons, simple breakfasts. We get ready for the day and I do a few house chores. We spend the late morning to mid afternoon out and about, usually with friends. We either pack a lunch or I come home and cook. Lazy afternoons where the babies nap and I try to sort through some of the mess from the day. We're expecting lots of rain in the coming days and I'm sure I'll be yearning for all the sunshine we have had.

My girls only want to wear dresses right now. And, I'll admit, I love a little girl in a dress, pink sweaty cheeks, running around with bare feet. There's been a lot of that lately. I have just let them have their way. There will be lots of clothing phases in their lives. I want to remember this sweet one. 

I love to just hold Sebastian against my chest, smelling his baby scent, and rubbing his soft head. The way his little arm wraps around me- gah. In a perfect world, I'd keep having babies just so I'd never have to stop experiencing that. I am forever looking forward to things, but for a second today, I stopped and was totally present and just soaked him up at this baby stage. My last baby. I never want it to end.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Scenes from the weekend:

Our weekend was filled with lots of sun and bare feet. So it was basically perfect.

Yesterday we celebrated Ashlyn and Daniel's upcoming marriage with an "I Do BBQ." The food was delicious and the decor was so cute. Now I'm thinking I need to do a BBQ party for Livi's next birthday. Ha. The kids (even Lola!) played on the moonwalk and swung on the hammock. It may not officially be summer yet, but this Texas weather is no joke. We were sweaty, stinky messes by the time we got home. We all showered up and ended our night making a confetti cake for absolutely no reason. 

Today we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for brunch, ran some errands, took the kids to Shy Pond to feed the ducks, tried out a new ice cream place in town, hung out on the trampoline next door for a couple hours, and then cooked an easy dinner at home. 

All the long, hot days have me exhausted in the best kind of way. I love summer. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


We've been reading lots of books. The girls' had been put away while we remodeled, so now that they're back out, the girls can't get enough of them. We read at least 6 a night. 

Lots of time at home. Enjoying the new renovations. Next up is the backyard so we can spend more time back there. I'm looking forward to bbqs with friends, coffee on cool fall mornings on the porch, birthday parties for the kids, and planting some new trees. 

Sebastian is in the super smiley phase and it is so so good. His little lopsided smile is just my favorite thing right now. 

Lola is talking more and more. I absolutely love how goofy she is. The other day I caught her trying out lots of different laughs for no apparent reason. 

Olivia found a kitten this weekend and wanted to keep it. I'll admit, she did a darn good job caring for it for the few hours it was here. It ended up belonging to a little girl down the street and Olivia was devastated. We're definitely going to have to get her one after all our summer trips are over. 

And what the heck? How is it June already??