Thursday, June 11, 2015

I always want to remember.

We have gone out and done something each day this week. It has felt nice and feels like I'm finally getting the hang of 3 children. The weather has been great- low 90s and blue skies. The kids have been waking up early, so our days start slow. Coffee for me, cartoons, simple breakfasts. We get ready for the day and I do a few house chores. We spend the late morning to mid afternoon out and about, usually with friends. We either pack a lunch or I come home and cook. Lazy afternoons where the babies nap and I try to sort through some of the mess from the day. We're expecting lots of rain in the coming days and I'm sure I'll be yearning for all the sunshine we have had.

My girls only want to wear dresses right now. And, I'll admit, I love a little girl in a dress, pink sweaty cheeks, running around with bare feet. There's been a lot of that lately. I have just let them have their way. There will be lots of clothing phases in their lives. I want to remember this sweet one. 

I love to just hold Sebastian against my chest, smelling his baby scent, and rubbing his soft head. The way his little arm wraps around me- gah. In a perfect world, I'd keep having babies just so I'd never have to stop experiencing that. I am forever looking forward to things, but for a second today, I stopped and was totally present and just soaked him up at this baby stage. My last baby. I never want it to end.

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