Wednesday, June 3, 2015


We've been reading lots of books. The girls' had been put away while we remodeled, so now that they're back out, the girls can't get enough of them. We read at least 6 a night. 

Lots of time at home. Enjoying the new renovations. Next up is the backyard so we can spend more time back there. I'm looking forward to bbqs with friends, coffee on cool fall mornings on the porch, birthday parties for the kids, and planting some new trees. 

Sebastian is in the super smiley phase and it is so so good. His little lopsided smile is just my favorite thing right now. 

Lola is talking more and more. I absolutely love how goofy she is. The other day I caught her trying out lots of different laughs for no apparent reason. 

Olivia found a kitten this weekend and wanted to keep it. I'll admit, she did a darn good job caring for it for the few hours it was here. It ended up belonging to a little girl down the street and Olivia was devastated. We're definitely going to have to get her one after all our summer trips are over. 

And what the heck? How is it June already?? 

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