Monday, July 27, 2015

Vacation part 2: San Antonio

We found a hotel as soon as we arrived and then were off to Market Square. We ate a delicious lunch of tacos and then were on our way to explore. The girls each picked out little cross body purses and got new Mexican dresses since they had both outgrown their old ones. They got their faces panted and watched a magic show. From there we explored the Japanese Tea Garden. Lots of stairs were involved and this out of shape mama kept up the best I could. Of course, Olivia had no problem leading the way. For dinner, we went to our favorite place from last year, Lulu's Bakery. You really can't go wrong with diner food and huge cinnamon rolls!

We had promised the girls to ride the train across from the zoo, so that was our top priority after checking out of our hotel. We got there early, before it was too hot. It was actually really cheap, 10 bucks for us all to ride, and it was a lot longer of a ride than I had expected. We all had fun. Our final stop was for Krispy Kreme donuts. We stuffed our faces and then set off for home! 

There's just something about San Antonio that our little (or big?) family cannot get enough of. We're already planning our next trip!


Mama and Lola selfies

Evening swim with cousins.

Stole my glasses. And lost them. 

When your lipstick matches your shirt, you obviously selfie.

My guys.

Cupcake baking.

Because you can never have too many pictures with your babies, right?

Petting zoo at Kid Fest.

His sisters are always piling stuff on him. Get used to it, bud.

Face painting.

Olivia and her bff, Ava.

She didn't get very high, but so proud of her for trying.

I can't. 

Choosing date night outfits in the girls' messy room.

My dad and my babies.

Best thing I ever did was give them each other. I'm sure of that.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Vacation part one: Frio River

Our family vacation has come and gone. This year, we decided to do a river trip with friends and I'm so glad we did. The kids had so much fun, especially the big kids, and they'll take these fun memories to kindergarten with them.

We left home around 11:45 am and settled in for the 4 1/2 hour drive. We made a few stops for potty breaks and groceries and finally got to our cabin around 7:45pm. Luis cooked fajita and we settled in to our home for the next three nights. The kids stayed up playing and the grown up played cards.

We found an area on the side of the river (an area we have actually been before with family) and spent most of the afternoon floating around, swimming, and relaxing. You know, as relaxing as being in the water with kids can be. Between the three families, we had 7 children 5 years old and younger. Our hands were pretty full, but I think everyone still had a great time. At one point we had 3 out of 7 kids napping at the same time! On the river! Luis and I took turns sitting on the side with Sebastian because I wasn't really willing to get in with him, just in case. 

We went to a different part of the river this time. There was a bit more bank to sit on, but the current was a little stronger. The kids kept floating away and they thought it was pretty hilarious. The grown ups did not. It was our last night in Concan, so we picked up some pizza and hung out on the front porch for as long as the kiddos allowed.