Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Scenes from the weekend:

A perfectly perfect weekend. Nothing spectacular happened, but sometimes the best days are found in the normalcy of real life, right? The day to day memories that will make up my children's childhood. I've been thinking a lot about that lately; the tradition of it all. Anyway...

Olivia had spent the night with Maria the night before, so I went over with the little two in the afternoon and they ran around and played in the sprinklers and water hose. 

We had friends over for breakfast and Liam and Lola had a little dance off. Then we had a birthday party to attend. It's been a while since we've attended a party where they go all out like that, so we had a lot of fun. And the food was extra delicious, which is always important. 

I was hoping to go to church, but we woke up too late, so we went on a donut run instead. We spent the afternoon grilling and swimming at my grandma's. I really feel like the more kids we have, the more fun our weekends are. So how on earth are we supposed to stop having babies?? Ha. 

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