Thursday, September 3, 2015

Our new routine:

Well, Olivia is officially a kindergartener! She's doing extremely well, which I knew she would. She thrives on this kind of stuff. Lola also started school yesterday, her very first day of preschool.

With the start of this school year, our whole routine has changed for the better. So, for my own memory's sake, here is our new normal-

I wake up at 6 am and pump. Once I'm finished, I wake up Olivia and start the coffee if Luis hasn't already. I help Olivia get ready, make sure she has all of her things, pack her lunch, do her hair. If it's a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, I get Lola ready also. The very last thing I do before leaving the house is change Sebastian's diaper. We all load up (and usually Luis is leaving at the same time, so he helps with this process) and we are out of the house by 6:55 am. It's a 20-30 minute drive to Olivia's school and she likes to be there early to eat their breakfast.  

Once back home, around 7:45, I get myself ready for the day and fix a quick breakfast for me and Lola. If it's MWF, we leave the house again by 8:35 to get her to school. 

Back home. Again. I make beds and pick up anything left out from getting ready. I start a load of laundry, unload the dishwasher, start dinner if the crockpot is involved, and clean whatever needs to be cleaned that day. And then, at 11:40, I leave to get Lola from school. 

Once home, I make lunch and Luis usually comes home to eat with us. Then it's lunch clean up and we relax for a bit before having to leave to get Livi at 2:15 pm. The little ones almost always nap on this trip. My favorite part of the entire day is the ride home because Olivia talks non-stop about her day. 

Home. Again. The girls have snacks and watch TV or play. I go through their backpacks and fill out any papers. Luis gets home around 5:30 pm and helps Olivia with homework while I cook dinner. We eat and then I clean up. The girls take a bath and I use this time to clean up their room and the living room. By 7:45-8:00 pm, they are laying down. Luis and I will talk and watch TV, catch up on social media, shower, or whatever during this time. We can pretty much count on all three to be asleep by 9 pm. I have my final pump of the day around 10 and then it's off to bed. 

This schedule is working great for all of us! Everyone is happy (except Lola on the days she doesn't have school, ha) and I'm far less stressed than I thought I'd be. And I just gotta say, Sebastian is the best little go-with-the-flow baby ever. He has made this whole process 10x easier than it could have been. 

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