Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Olivia's birthday zoo trip

We didn't have Olivia a birthday party again this year.
But we did promise her a fun day out with her
best friend, Ava,
so that's exactly what we did.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Olivia turns SIX

My beautiful baby girl.
It is so crazy to me that she can already be six years old.
This girl rocked our worlds. 
I always wanted to be a mom, but she is what made
it everything that I dreamed it would be.
And more.

On her special day, she chose 
to wear this outfit that my grandma got her.
I took her class Minnie and Mickey Mouse cupcakes. 
My dad came and picked her up after school and took her to pick out a few gifts. She also chose a special baby doll just for Lola. 
(My heart!) 
For dinner, we met with a few Leija family members for dinner at IHOP, which is what she requested. 
We got her a Taylor Swift CD and I'm
fairly certain it was her favorite gift. 
Her best friend, Ava, has a November 
birthday as well,
So we will be celebrating both girls 
with a trip to the zoo after school
on Friday. 


Lola was Pinkie Pie
Olivia was Alice from Wonderland
Sebastian was a biker dude

Halloween was incredibly yucky this year. So when Maria offered to take
the girls to an indoor party again this year like she did last year, we readily agreed.
We dressed Sebastian solely for these pictures to be taken. 
Luckily his costume only cost us 8 bucks. Haha. 

Luis and I stayed home and made frozen pizzas and arroz con leche
and watched a movie. Sebastian went to sleep early and the girls crashed
hard shortly after they got home. It was a good night.

Pumpkin Patch

Our pumpkin patch trip this year was just with Lola's school. Olivia was sent home sick from school that day, though I think it was just a slight reaction from the flu mist, so she was able to come along and  we got enough of an experience to not have to go back a second time. Ha. Lola really enjoyed it this year and was actually wanting to pose for pictures. She loved seeing all her friends from school there.