Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Olivia turns SIX

My beautiful baby girl.
It is so crazy to me that she can already be six years old.
This girl rocked our worlds. 
I always wanted to be a mom, but she is what made
it everything that I dreamed it would be.
And more.

On her special day, she chose 
to wear this outfit that my grandma got her.
I took her class Minnie and Mickey Mouse cupcakes. 
My dad came and picked her up after school and took her to pick out a few gifts. She also chose a special baby doll just for Lola. 
(My heart!) 
For dinner, we met with a few Leija family members for dinner at IHOP, which is what she requested. 
We got her a Taylor Swift CD and I'm
fairly certain it was her favorite gift. 
Her best friend, Ava, has a November 
birthday as well,
So we will be celebrating both girls 
with a trip to the zoo after school
on Friday. 

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